Community invited to join American Cemetery clean up TODAY

The community is invited to join the Natchitoches Historic Foundation and NSU students today (Friday, Aug. 23) for cleaning of the American Cemetery on Second Street at 1:15-3:15 p.m.

Last year, over 50 NSU students volunteered as part of NSU’s Demon Days 1 of 7 Service Kickoff. This initiative encourages individuals to spend one day per week engaged in service to others.

While our focus will be grounds work (trimming low hanging branches and small trees that are encroaching on grave sites and removal of fallen branches and debris), we will have D/2 Biological Solution for anyone wanting to clean tombstones. This non-hazardous and biodegradable cleaner is designed to remove mold, mosses, algae, and lichens that feed on the stone, destroying the marker. D/2 is used on the White House, World Heritage Sites, and in national cemeteries.

Volunteers are asked to bring basic gardening tools. Those wishing to clean tombstones will need assorted scrub brushes, soft scrapers (like popsicle sticks or paint stirrers), and a water bucket. We will haul off branches, so volunteers with trucks and trailers are especially needed. For more information, contact Frank Hall at 318-357-4571.

Photo Credit: Leah Jackson, NSU Director of Public Information & Media Relations