LSMSA Faculty Member publishes new book

Dr. Robert Dalling, principal lecturer of physics at LSMSA, has published his eighth book, “Human nature, worth, and civilization.” This Big History book delves into the evolution of humans, society, religion and the world around us.

Dalling has a PhD in physics with an engineering minor involving fluid mechanics and nuclear engineering. He has professional publications in particle physics, heat flow, chaos, laser spectroscopy, and relativistic quantum mechanics, and he holds a patent for calculating the exponential rate of error growth in the weather.

Prior to his life as an educator, Dr. Dalling spent 15 years in business programming where he wrote inventory, payroll, and bookkeeping software for retail stores. His work in business resulted in a one-half-million mile trip through 48 states with one-week stays in countless towns around the U.S.

Dr. Dalling has been a member of the Sciences faculty at LSMSA since 2006. Information on his newest book can be found on Amazon.