Northwestern State forms partnership with Keemotion technology

Northwestern State fans who tune in to live streamed volleyball and basketball games in the 2019-2020 season will see a noticeable change in the broadcast.

The NSU Athletic Department has signed a contract with Keemotion, an automated production solution, to implement its system in Prather Coliseum. The Keemotion digital ecosystem will join the Blueframe Production Truck technology NSU partnered with three years ago to further enhance live stream events on

Northwestern State is the first Southland Conference member to enter into a partnership with Keemotion.

“Fan engagement and satisfaction remains a priority for NSU Athletics,” Associate Athletic Director for External Relations/Senior Woman Administrator Dr. Haley Taitano said. “With the trend of digital networks like ESPN+, Hulu, AppleTV and more, we’re focused on taking steps to keep up with these trends and provide a better-quality video stream for our fans and visiting fans alike. Currently, NSU Athletics offers a variety of viewing and listening options for our fans, including traditional radio, online streaming through Demon TV, social streaming, and watching or listening through our mobile app. This partnership with Keemotion is one that will not only enhance our digital streaming production, but also is a tool we can use for better live tweeting and video replay sharing throughout games.”

Keemotion employs motion-detecting technology that allows a mounted camera to follow live action and produce a smooth video stream to benefit casual fans and will assist Northwestern State basketball and volleyball coaches in filming and breaking down practices in a more efficient manner.

Keemotion also allows coaches to delve deeper into the analytical side of the game while integrating statistical information for fans during broadcast streams.

“Not only will our fans benefit from this enhanced streaming production, but our coaches will be able to utilize the Keemotion system to film practices, games and for recruiting purposes,” Taitano said. “This sophisticated system can do everything from tagging certain players to recognizing certain types of shots, and we can incorporate some great sponsorship opportunities into our video streaming as well.”

Based domestically in Brooklyn, New York, and internationally in Belgium, Keemotion has partnered with several NBA teams, including the Golden State Warriors and Philadelphia 76ers, as well as international leagues, FIBA and colleges (Columbia, Yale).

“Keemotion is very excited about our new partnership with Northwestern State University,” Keemotion Vice President of Sports Partnerships Colin Cunningham said. “They are the first program out of the Southland Conference to adopt this technology. We look forward to working with them as the automated production solution for their sporting events. With this partnership, we will be producing the highest-quality broadcasts for every single one of their games.”

Demon TV viewership passed the 1,000-member mark in the 2018-19 athletic calendar and is available in installments of a 24-hour All-Access Pass ($6.95), a recurring monthly subscription ($10.95) and a yearly pass with unlimited access ($79.95).