Dr. Karen Stirrett joins LSMSA Faculty

The Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts (LSMSA) is proud to welcome the newest member of our faculty, Dr. Karen Stirrett. She brings with her a wealth of experience and knowledge to pass on to our students.

Dr. Stirrett has spent the last five years as a collegiate travelling biology professor in the Europe and Asia dicisions of University of Maryland University College (UMUC). In her tenure there, she taught active duty and retired service members and their families in Germany, Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, the UK, and Japan.

She traveled to every continent except Antarctica. She has her bachelor’s in Biology from Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and her doctorate in Genetics from the University of Georgia.

“I enjoy being able to engineer microorganisms to study a process and figure out how to make that process useful for human society,” said Dr. Stirrett of her love for microbiology.

In her free time, Dr. Stirrett enjoys kayaking, biking, hiking and going to the gym. She says her favorite parts of Natchitoches are the numerous historic homes and the friendly people.

Dr. Stirrett will be offering biology, microbiology, and cell and genetics lab this fall. She says that she is excited to work with wonderful colleagues and motivated students.

“We’re very excited to have Dr. Stirrett join us here at LSMSA,” said Executive Director Steve Horton. “We can’t wait to see the amazing things our students accomplish under her guidance.”

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