LaRon Winslow Mayoral Candidacy Announcement

I am LaRon Winslow and I am pleased to introduce my candidacy for Mayor of the town of Campti. I am the father of two children, Jalen Winslow who is currently a student at Northwestern State University and Melanie Winslow who is a graduate of Northwestern University. Melanie is also currently a LSUS student in graduate studies. I am married to Michelle Demery Winslow. We have been married for 28 amazing years.

I was fortunate enough to have the privilege to grow up with two brothers. This gave me the opportunity to learn some valuable lessons about life. In my home my Mother taught us that sharing and giving was an important part of building relationships. Just as my mother taught my brother and me the importance of sharing and giving, my grandmother passed these important characteristics for success on to her. So I grew up with a strong sense of the importance of sharing and giving and this character trait has carried over into my adult life.

I am certain that most constituents can agree with me that Campti Louisiana is a place which can surly benefit from our citizens sharing and giving. We have community members which come from strong families. We also have very loving community members who have a strong sense of pride in their community. But what I am most proud of is that we have community members who appreciate the value of loving our neighbor as ourselves. My candidacy is not about me but about the kind neighbors, families, relatives and friends of the town of Campti. In my opinion they deserve an opportunity to choose leadership which is genuinely concerned about the prosperity and well-being of all citizens in the town of Campti. I feel that I am that candidate.

I announce my candidacy for mayor of the town of Campti in the spirit of sharing and giving. I would like to share the positive vision that I have with constituents of our community. And I would like to give of myself and my family to make the town of Campti a better place to live. We all make sacrifices at different times for different reasons in order to achieve a greater good. I am willing to offer my time, efforts and energy to ensure a brighter future for all people of the town of Campti. I am interested in improving the infrastructure of our town. I would like to see an updated sewer system. I also pledge to work in conjunction with other elected officials to see improvement in our roads and streets. We will be able to access professional public service forums to offer new construction and credit repair information to first-time homebuyers. Last but not least I am interested in making the “Smoking On The Red” festival one of the most successful festivals in central Louisiana. Therefore, if you know someone who can vote for me, please tell them why I am the correct choice for mayor of Campti. I humbly ask for your vote on October 12th. Please vote LaRon Winslow #104 for Mayor of the Town of Campti. Thank you so much for your prayers. And may God bless you and your family.