Kris Vidos: Mayor of Campti Candidacy Announcement

I’ve lived in Campti since about 2010. I was a field tech and I bought a house in the middle of my territory. I had a good friend that lived on the same block so I thought it was a good spot.

I like to fix things. It doesn’t matter what it is. I like to look at how things work and if it’s not right I like to fix it. Most of the time I work in IT and travel around doing contract jobs involving computer system and network installation, administration, troubleshooting and optimization. I’m hanging around right now because the town is harassing me over my house and property.

I’ve had a poor experience in general dealing with the town government. I have difficulty viewing or obtaining copies of laws. I feel I’ve been harassed over my house. I’ve tried working with the town but it’s not working out.

I’d like to change things that bother me about Campti. I want:

For the town to help its people instead of harassing, fining and squeezing them for money.
To reduce or remove costly permit requirements to install or restore utilities.
To reduce or remove franchise fees for utilities.
To make it easier to get exceptions to current permit requirements.
To make water bills consistent and lower if possible.
To make local laws available for viewing online and be able to view and get a copy at the town hall.
To have incomplete, overly restrictive, incorrect and unconstitutional laws repealed.

Some other things I’d like to do are:

Bring back our municipal court.
Hire local people to police the area instead of the sheriff’s department.
Make Campti a marijuana sanctuary.
Have a bar-b-q with free food for the town’s people at the town meeting on the second Tuesday of each month.

Some things I’d like researched are:

Opening a local grocery store and farmer’s market perhaps selling local goods on consignment.
A solar farm to help mitigate the town’s power usage.
A water park.
Repair, upgrade and maintenance of roads, water and sewer systems.
Water drainage throughout the town.
A local credit union.
Small business help center for local businesses.

I’ve never managed a town. I manage and automate computer systems. When I look at any task I try to automate it. I can find ways to use low cost computer systems to bring new services to the people of Campti. I’m going to have to learn how to manage a town. I hope we can bring the townspeople together to let us decide what we want Campti to be.

14 thoughts on “Kris Vidos: Mayor of Campti Candidacy Announcement

  1. I hear everyone talking but nobody is taking action bring the community together and do some things on your own

  2. I think these are great ideas. I had similar visions for Campti. I hope you get it. This is a great vision and future for Campti.

    • THIS is what you support?? Well, perhaps it is a blessing in disguise that you were removed. This town needs clear minded leadership. This is why I, and a few other fed up residents, are looking to move outside of the city limits. What on Earth are any of you thinking?

      • I support individuals with a vision. Yes i planned to also do a water park and bring in the town more revenue by making smokin on the red a true bar b que competition. I like his vision it may not be what you like, but at least it’s a start. And the comment saying good riddance I’m gone was out of order. In my time as Mayor I did a lot for Campti.

    • A water park, a true Bar-B-Que competition? Well heck, this should make Campti bust at the seems with great leadership. When I retire, I will run and show this nonsense mess of a town, how to clean up and get straight. Wow, I am amazed at the “ideas” some have to “Improve” our town. Just another reason to be embarrassed of what used to be such a beautiful little town (but you, or the other drug enforces) wouldn’t know that.

  3. I’d vote for anyone who would enforce the codes on junk cars in the yards and other eyesores that continue to drive down property values and scare away potential new residents and businesses. It’s disgraceful how little pride people take in their property.

    • Isn’t it illegal to park in front of fire hydrants? I thought so. See cars/trucks parked on curbs completely blocking the hydrant. How is the fire dept. suppose to get to it if needed?

  4. Ummm…..he said he likes to fix things, yet he’s being ‘harrassed ” about the condition of his house…?

  5. Lord please give us some common sense in the town of Campti!! We have had thief after thief, corruption out of this world and now we have not one, but two, that I KNOW of, drug heads trying to run our community. I wish I had the time to dedicate to run myself to improve, legally and morally,our community that I have lived in my entire 47 years of life! I can’t stop shaking my head and sharing with my co-workers the stupidity that surrounds my family and me. I can not be more disgusted with some of these people and obviously, this is trying to make himself legal to do drugs and bring our town lower than it already is. I’ve watched this fellow since he entered our community and all I can say…is goof troop! Gee whiz!

  6. heck ya I would vote Kris if I lived in Campti,he actually wants to help
    the community where he lives to get better and come together as one .
    I know its a weird concept for these small villages but its what we need,
    I wish my small village would try to help us .

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