Political Rally will be held in Marthaville on September 5

The Marthaville Heritage Society and its Good Ole Days Festival is sponsoring a Political Forum THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 5 FROM 6-9 PM, in Marthaville at the school GYMNASIUM and would very much for you to come and be an important part of what is being billed as “THE 2019 BIGGEST AND BEST MEET THE CANDIDATES WEST OF THE RED RIVER.”

All State, District, Parish and Local Candidates have been asked to attend.

Each State and District Candidates will be given 3 minutes to introduce themselves and their platform and the directors of the forum will have a written question selected by the directors for the candidates to address. There will be NO questions from the audience.

Parish and Local Candidates will have 2 minutes and the same question procedure.

Each Candidate can and are asked to bring yard signs, banners, literature, etc and display them, just one rule, you must remove any and all when the forum is over.

Please bring your own card table for your display of literature.

When a candidate is speaking, there can be NO outburst from an opponent or an opponent’s supporter.

Yes, there will be boxes for People’s Choice Awards, Cake Sales, T-Shirts for Sale, donation boxes and other fundraiser items for the Heritage Society needs a new roof on the MARTHVILLE HERITAGE BUILDING.

Please confirm your RSVP to: Pat Hall 318-663-8400; Donna Horn 318-652-0559; Fuzzy Hennigan 903-474-3338 or Amy Vercher 318-472-9133

Voter age Admission $1.00