Bellydancing Lessons at the Natchitoches Parish Library-a New Program

Four members of Natchitoches’ Indigeaux Tribal Fusion Bellydance Troupe are giving beginner level lessons every Thursday at 6:00 p.m. at the Natchitoches Parish Public Library. The lessons began Thursday, September 5 and will continue each week until October 24. The students will learn basic moves and dances while having fun in a supportive and educational environment. The Indigeaux Troupe is an eclectic group of women with a distinct style all their own, a combination of several different dancing traditions. They have performed in several Mardi Grad parades, Christmas Festival Parades as well as Farmer’s Markets and other events. Wherever they go, they bring the fun with them! There is still room for more in the classes. Come out and learn something new at your parish library.

3 thoughts on “Bellydancing Lessons at the Natchitoches Parish Library-a New Program

  1. ESL classes, Belly dancing classes,free computer usage, free unlimited internet access, 900k per year in salaries. Yes I will agree the library has too much money. We the voters need to change the tax allocation where some of that excess money goes to repairing the infrastructure of the parish.

  2. Looks like the library is trying to justify its bloated budget with rolling out anything and everything it can. I don’t care if they offer bellydancing lessons or some other program. Fine by me. But it doesn’t change the fact the library gets too much taxpayer money and the taxpayers/voters in the parish need to demand a change.

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