Magnolia Minute: Russell Rachal – Parish Council District 5 Candidate

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4 thoughts on “Magnolia Minute: Russell Rachal – Parish Council District 5 Candidate

  1. What are your plans for the Harmony Road? I know several people have personally complained to you about it but NOTHING has been done. People are having damage done to their vehicles just trying to get to work or school. We have asked both you and Nowlin for help with this several times and nothing is done.

    • After investigation in the assessors website there are 35 properties with Harmony Rd addresses over an approximate 6 mile rd. 11 of those properties paid into the Dist 40 rd tax for a total of $98.60 last year. 25 properties paid $0 in total property taxes. There are other properties off of harmony rd but again the vast majority are below homestead exemption value.

      My question to you is, what do you feel would be the appropriate amount of expenditure on a 6 mile Rd that contributes $100+/yr to the road fund?

      • There are several taxpayers, myself included, who pay several thousands of dollars per year and live in the district of this intellectual. I don’t live on a parish road as a lot of other taxpayers, but at least a portion of that money should be used for roads. This road is in our community and there are 2 cemeteries down it and a church. God forbid EMS has to get down Harmony Road to help someone. But because these people only pay $100 in taxes they don’t matter? How many people live down water well road? I wonder why it is always nice and well kept.

  2. Good luck Russell! I’m not in your district, but hope the folks in District 5 send you back. You have been a voice of reason on the council.

    And if you get Harrington in Dist 2 (my district), Cheatwood in 4, Morgan in 1, and Kilcoyne in Dist 3 we might actually see some progress in the parish.

    I am still deciding on who to vote for Parish President. Want to hear more before I make up my mind.

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