Dear Mr. Richmond

Mike Casey/Opinion

Mr. Richmond,

Per your instructions, I followed the link to the Chamber Forum you provided and and read all of the responses provided. No one should be surprised or shocked by the lack of responses by those who oppose the Home Rule Charter form of government. They should at least be applauded for their honesty in showing the voters of this Parish that we are not worth their time.

I must admit that I read through your responses several times and kept going back to your claim that personnel costs have been lowered by more than $400,000 annually. I urge you to read through the Parish’s audit for fiscal year 2018. (Online)   In it, you will find that the Parish saw a nominal savings of $15,870 in 2016 over the previous year for payroll. 2017 and 2018 both saw progressive increases and these figures only represent those employees enrolled in the retirement system. Parish employees have been granted cost of living pay increases of as much as 3% in at least three of the last five years. The Parish has also seen noticeable increases in its health insurance costs. Perhaps I don’t understand how to read or comprehend the information provided in the audit, but I find your claim of such substantial savings in personnel costs, at the least to be very misguided and, at most, to be a blatantly false claim.

I am also perplexed by your eagerness to use the limited resources of Parish tax revenues to assist incorporated areas of the Parish. The Parish struggles to fund the 25% match for its own Capital Outlay projects as it is. Taking money from our coffer to prop up the incorporated areas of the Parish is, in my mind, a reckless position. Municipalities are tasked with seeking funding for all types of projects within their municipal limits and they are in direct competition with the Parish for the limited “free money” available through State grant programs.

I urge you to reconsider your stance on this position for the sake of the rural residents of the our Parish.

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5 thoughts on “Dear Mr. Richmond

  1. Mr. Casey,
    Sir, you seem to have a much more firm grip on the realities and concerns of the issues at hand than Richmond along with a well informed stance. Perhaps you should consider running for this office to oppose said “politician” given the muddied up transparency, double talk and switch bait so common in today’s politics. I’m sure your candidacy would be well received from the locals who are tired of being put upon by pocket lining I know what’s best for you outsiders. Food for thought…

    • Thank you for your confidence,but I don’t think so! I was considering running in my district,but a good man stepped ! Besides at this point I don’t have the right temperament to deal with it. The HRC is a great form of government when you can get everyone on the same page with no personal agenda and follow the guidelines. Nothing is going to be successful keep people in the dark about things, making under the table deals and 100% transparency.

  2. Mike, you are much closer to being correct than Mr. Richmond, the cost to the Parish is a staggering difference. All parish residents should research this topic and not just take someone’s word for it.

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