Ponderings with Doug – September 13, 2019

Soon my bride and I will jump on a ship and go cruising through the Gulf of Mexico. I’ll let you know how it all turns out.

I have concerns.

The cruise line has not assigned a room to us yet. We are paid in full. We know the type of room we have requested. I keep checking on the website and my room assignment is listed as TBA. I think that means “To Be Assigned.” I am paid in full for a room to be assigned, what?

I have enjoyed playing the fool about this. I have told my bride that we actually paid for a nomadic cruise. We will not have a room. We must sleep on the deck chairs. We must shower beside the pool where all the other pool users shower. We can borrow towels and bathrobes from the spa on the ship. We don’t have to worry about eating, because that is the one certainty of a cruise. You will eat.

I have called about the room. No luck. The nice lady said, “Your room will be assigned on the day of departure.” I tried to protest that my luggage needs to know the room to find me. She seemed unconcerned that my luggage would not find its way to the room.

I have pondered ordering a room decoration package to see if that would be the catalyst for a room assignment. How can they decorate my room, if my room has not been assigned?

The cruise line basically told us, “have faith in us” in matters related to TBA rooms.

Then our cruise was scheduled to make two stops in the Bahamas. That was before the disaster of Hurricane Dorian. I can’t see a cruise ship stopping in two Bahamian ports given the devastation experienced by that nation. If we do stop in our scheduled ports in the Bahamas, I think I’ll look for the Methodists because they will be there working disaster relief. That would be a fun shore excursion. I would much rather do storm recovery than swim with the dolphins.

Our planned ports of call are now very much in question.

This morning I was playing with my weather models. My hobby is a strange one, I’m a weather nerd. I have multiple weather stations. I can tell you the readings of the backyard in Gibsland and Natchitoches. I have begging for my own Doppler Radar, but as of yet, that request has fallen on deaf ears.

The weather models this morning showed a tropical “thingy” forming and moving over the area of our cruise at the time we are on the cruise.

Can we add this up? We are taking a nomadic cruise with a vagabond room assignment. Our destination will certainly be modified while still heading to the Eastern Caribbean. Even on our modified Eastern Caribbean vagabond cruise, there is a good chance that we will experience some tropical weather.

God told Abram to go! He basically said, “Abram you have lived with your daddy long enough, I have plan for your life. I have a plan for your kids and grandkids. I have a plan for you what will reach all the way to Natchitoches, Louisiana and the year 2019.

Abram, go!

He had no room assignment, no maps, no travel guide, no Internet, no social media, and no weather forecast. Abram had faith! His faith would waver from time to time, but most of the time he had faith.

That is what you need for a vagabond cruise and for life. You need faith.

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  1. Hope you get a room that reflects what you paid for it. Don’t let them tell you there was an error and put you in a room with bunk beds and tiny bathroom. And don’t let the guy who cleans the room bully you into getting out before you’re ready. I don’t understand Filipino, but I’m sure the things he was muttering under his breath weren’t nice.

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