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Join Natchitoches Regional Medical Center on Thursday, Sept. 26 from 9-11 am for its Fall 2019 Recruitment Fair. There are a wide range of positions available from Clinical to Non-Clinical, Licensed to Non-Licensed. There are even Volunteer opportunities available to anyone who is interested. Senior Level Management, Department Managers, and Staff from ALL Departments will be available to meet and greet.

NRMC is always looking for great candidates to join its TEAM of CHAMPIONS! For more information or if you would like to submit your resume, call or email:

Randee Knapp
NRMC Professional Recruiter
(318) 214-5819

9 thoughts on “Join NRMC’s Award-Winning Team of Champions

  1. Out Patient, if they were wrongfully terminated, yes, I might want them as my nurse, for those I know were good. I believe they got caught up with that new director of nursing they hired for about 10 minutes.. I know of a couple who were terminated based on false information given and a supervisor’s unfair influence of certain individuals. You talk to nurses still and see how they are treated, most feel overworked and under appreciated and think termination is in their future. I know people won’t believe all I say, but I know what happened, I know what was told me by other individuals who knew of the people terminated. Now I might not believe one, or two that I talked to, but when I know a couple of them, know the kind of people they are, know what they went through, you will have to excuse me if I believe the things I was told. Tell me, have you been in the hospital when the nurses have all left the floor, for whatever reason and left you just holding the call button? Have you had a friend falsely accused? Have you talked to another nurse that said, “That was all a trumped-up charge.”?

    You did call one thing right. There is a demand for nurses, so I have to wonder why they fired good nurses when there is a great and urgent need in our community. Why did the hospital listen to one side of a story, take it as gospel, then let someone go The outpatient surgery department has some wonderful nurses there, and I’m thankful for that. I hope they leave those fine nurses alone. If you have a stay in the hospital, you will find the nurses are kind, helpful and caring, but they can’t do all the hospital expects of them. So I say, why is there such a critical nursing shortage here in Natchitoches. I’ve been in and out of that hospital with relatives for years, and there’s always been a shortage.of nurses, but now the shortage is critical. Just ask any of the ones that are overworked how they feel. If they feel free to talk, they will tell you that all is not well and good at NRMC. For whatever reason, maybe just small town politics, even if it’s only hospital jealousy in the hierarchy .

    • There’s a shortage of nurses EVERYWHERE not just here. So they are not going to make up things to terminate a good one doing her or his job. Have you ever heard a person that’s gotten fired say I was terrible at my job and needed to be fired??
      If they were fired they either wasn’t doing the job or messed up real had!

      • I know some of those fired, and I know what they were accused of. As I said, they were terminated by a woman who was here a very short time, then after the terminations, and reputations of good women soiled, she was let go. So you are wrong in your assessment of things. I know there is a shortage of nurses, have you not read what I said. I will not post again, but I know some lies were told by this woman, where she got her false info, I’ll never know, but she smeared the reputation of NRMC and some good people. Are you an outpatient or a supervisor there trying to defend what was done? I am not nor was I ever an employee of the hospital, and based on the stress levels there, I would never put myself there. People waiting for the ax to fall. Do you know any nurses or personnel that work or have worked there? Just wondering.

  2. I’ve been going to NRMC for over two years to wound care,spent 3 days in ICU and have NO complains. Not one! Almost a year at Cabrini and few weeks at Rapids both in Alexandria with my dad,I can tell you,you get just as good and in most cases better care at NRMC. There is a nursing shortage EVERYWHERE not just in Natchitoches.

    • I can only speak from my experience, and I can tell you that when I needed a nurse at 8 pm, there was not a nurse on the floor. I would like to ask NRMC how many nurses and other personnel who care for patients in some way, have been terminated this year? And why? Was there just cause? Will we get a straight answer? I did have a good nurse while I was there, but that doesn’t mean that the hospital doesn’t have a critical shortage of nurses. I never said that I didn’t get good care from the nurses, I’m asking if NRMC is treating the nurses as they should be treated, as qualified skilled personnel, or are they treated as a disposable commodity. Let’s just say, I don’t believe it’s the first description I’ve given.

      • I don’t believe they will answer the question of why anyone was terminated. But the demand for nurses right now around the country,I think if there were any fired,you really didn’t want them anyway..

  3. I find this article a little amusing. Why? They have terminated a lot of really good employees over the past year with no good legitimate reason given. When I was a patient there, at 8 p.m. I pressed the call button. A relative who was with me went into the hall to see why no one had responded. There was no nurse to be seen. When she walked around, there were no nurses on the floor, NONE! First of all, many had been terminated. then the ones that escaped the terminations on that floor all had to leave at one time to get medications, and left no one to care for any of the patients. No concern for the surgical patients left in their care it seemed. But my nurse was so apologetic about HAVING to leave. So is it no concern on the part of hospital administrators who are supposedly trying to run a good hospital on very limited staff. So yes indeed, I guess they are looking for great candidates to join their team. They fired a lot of the good ones in many of the departments. I hate to see our hospital here treat employees like they do. I would hope that if I ever have to be admitted again, I will see enough nurses to care for the patients. I would love to see in place, a staggered time frame for nurses to go get medications, and not all of them leave a floor at once. This could be a very dangerous practice on the part of NRMC. It seems this hospital has had bad reports in the past, so I’m wondering just who should be out of a job there next. I’m sure it’s not the ones who were terminated, as I have seen some of them in action, and they were good, caring, helpful people. Maybe it’s time to take a look at the department heads, and administration as a whole to see where the problem lies.

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