Uncovering Louisiana Civil War History and a Digital Look at Shreveport-Lunch and Learn at Grand Ecore Visitors Center

Twins Mark and Mike Mangham of Shreveport’s Twin Blends Photography gave an interesting presentation on area history at the Grand Ecore Visitors Center Saturday September 14. The brothers, both lifelong history buffs, gave a presentation of their efforts to document and preserve area history. They spoke of their hunt for relics from the naval component of General Banks’ Red River Expedition of the Civil War.

They are also interested in more recent history, particularly of the Shreveport area. One of their more interesting techniques is to blend older photographs of an area with what the same place looks like now. The viewer can then more easily relate to the older photograph and the changes through the years. The examples shown in the presentation were the result of their looking through literally thousands of old photographs in the LSUS archives, many of which are negatives rather than prints, to find the ones of the area or building they needed. After seeing their presentation, a trip through downtown Shreveport will have you seeing things as they were in earlier days.

Twin Blend Photography’s presentation was part of the Cane River National Heritage Area’s “Lunch and Learn” program which presents interesting talks on different historical events in the local area. Past presentations have included Natchitoches in WWI, the Neutral Strip and no man’s land that was just to our west and the great logjam of the Red River.