Parish Council Meeting – September 16, 2019

Parish Council still cannot see Eye to Eye on Bermuda Road Re-pavement/Repairs

As the Parish continues to fix roads, the argument about the importance of which roads have precedence over others came up. The argument mainly focus on the ongoing need of repairs to Bermuda Road.

Though this was not an item on the agenda, Patsy Ward-Hoover brought it up as a non-agenda item to be discuss and invited up residents of that district that travel Bermuda Road to speak on their grievances with how the road repairs are being handled.

Each asked respectfully of the Council that if not repaved that repairs be made to the road sooner than later.

Chris Paige made a point to address that more money is being spent on less traveled roads in districts with smaller populations. As to which, some of those Council members remained silent on the issue.

Rodney Bedgood, however, introduced a partial solution by speaking on the possibility of re-purposing some of the asphalt from his district for the repairs to a portion of Bermuda Road. It received lukewarm reception from other Council members, but no one seemed opposed to it if it can be done.

The other major topic of the meeting turned out to be the Council’s decision 3 to 2 to not go into executive session to discuss legal strategy regarding ongoing lawsuits against the Natchitoches Parish Government.

Other Items on the Agenda:

Council voted YES to the re-appointment of Ms. Karen Terrel to the Natchitoches Parish Library Board of Control.

Council voted YES to  the re-appointment of Mr. Ludlow McNeely to the Natchitoches Parish Fire District 6 Board.

Council voted YES to the re-appointment of Mr. Mark Waskom to the Natchitoches Parish Fire District 6 Board.

Council voted YES to the appointment of Ms. Dee Dee Dunagan to the Natchitoches Parish Housing Authority to replace Regina Keyser.

Council voted YES to the appointment of Mr. Jimmy Atherton to the Saline Lake Game and Fish Preserve Commission to replace Tony Swords.

Council voted YES to adopting Ordinance 013-2019 to effect a zoning change from an I-A Industry-Agriculture District to an B-1 Business District for commercial use on a 3.77 acre tract of land, parcel #0010277800, situated in Section 83, T9N, R7W along Louisiana Highway 3278 in Natchitoches, as shown on the Survey attached hereto; and otherwise to provide with respect thereto.

Council voted YES to adopting Ordinance 014-2019 for an Operation Budget Amendment.

Council voted YES to  approve the assessed valued levied by the Tax Assessor, Dollie C. Mahoney.

Council voted YES to adopt Resolution in recognizing the importance of the United States Census and encouraging all Natchitoches Parish Resident to Participate in being Counted.

Council voted YES to approving the Video Streaming of the Natchitoches Parish Council meetings on the Natchitoches Parish Website and from the Council Meeting room using Natchitoches Parish Government equipment.

Council voted YES to awarding the construction contract for the Courthouse ADA Renovations to DSW Contruction, LLC, Many, LA., in the amount of $120,775.00, and to authorize the Parish President to execute the Notice of Award and Construction Agreement upon receipt of the contractor’s performance and payment bonds and certificate of insurance.

Council voted YES to approving the Louisiana Department of Economic Development of the following action pursuant to %03 (H) (I) of the Industrial Tax Exemption Program.

Council voted NO to approving the Resolution from Fire District #1 to change the membership of the Fire District #1 Board of Commissioners from seven to five members.

Council voted NO on The Parish Council to hold an executive session in accordance with LSA-R.S. 42:17 (A) (2) to conduct strategy sessions with respect to prospective litigation after formal written demand of litigation to discuss the litigating position of Natchitoches Parish Government in the matters of McMurtry v. Natchitoches Parish Government, at and Lynda Vance v.  Rick Nowlin, Parish President.

Council voted YES to approving the Parish President to secure additional legal Counsel for employment matters at the recommendation from the District Attorney’s Office.

9 thoughts on “Parish Council Meeting – September 16, 2019

  1. Unless the procedure was left out of this report, which I doubt, apparently we have council members violating law by addressing non agenda items. An item not on the current agenda CAN be addressed if it is so moved to place it on the agenda, seconded and receives a unanimous vote but in general all meeting agendas must be published at least 24 hours before the meeting so that interested citizens can comment. Of course we still have council members that think as long as they want to talk about issues not on the agenda then it’s ok to ignore the law, but not to worry there are still school board members that do the same. SMH

  2. I’m no civil engineer, but I am qualified to say that Bermuda Road is horrible!!!

    As for the Paige’s comment about fixing “less traveled roads,” well maybe they are less traveled because people can’t drive on them anymore! Bermuda is such a road.

  3. Why is Mr. Bedgood purposing using recycled asphalt from his district on Bermuda Road when Hart Road which is in his district is in such urgent need.

    • Without commenting on the relative conditions of Hart Rd vs. Bermuda Rd, I will say everyone needs to think in terms of what is best for the parish as a whole. That’s what plagued the old Police Jury and the very reason it didn’t work. Can’t turn this into a district vs. district contest.

      And I am NOT saying Hart Rd shouldn’t also be a high priority. I am speaking in generalities.

  4. Does anyone know the english translation to this statement?
    “Council voted YES to approving the Louisiana Department of Economic Development of the following action pursuant to %03 (H) (I) of the Industrial Tax Exemption Program“

    • Is the % sign a typo? Maybe it should be the number 5. But even this change doesn’t explain what the heck that sentence means. Don’t you wish these statements were in plain English, not in Legal-ese?

      • Yes I’m sure its a typo, but it references a following action which is not there. Why not tell us who they exempted and for how much?

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