Public Notice: Cane River Lake Fireworks/Low Water levels

There will be fireworks for the Natchitoches Meat Pie Festival held on Cane River Lake on September 20, 2019 starting at 7pm and September 21, 2019 starting at 9:30 pm.  Yellow buoys mark the safety zone area.

Cane River Lake is now at 97.2 MSL
Property owners and boaters utilizing Washington Street Landing should be making plans as this landing closes at 97.0 MSL for safety. With no rain and continued high temperatures this landing is expected to close within two weeks. The lake, Point Place landing, and Shell Beach landing will remain open. Please use caution during low water conditions while navigating and/or performing water sport activities as underwater debris is now being exposed and/or just under the water line (especially close to shorelines) that could cause damage to boat props or hulls and/or personal injury.

Contact Betty Fuller 318-617-3235 for more information. Remember to boat safe, sober, and always wear your life jackets.

6 thoughts on “Public Notice: Cane River Lake Fireworks/Low Water levels

  1. What happened to pumping water from Red River into cane river. A lot of money spent and what do we have show for it. Nothing!!!!

  2. lol right .I don’t get it Jason,why do we need fireworks for every little
    festival ? should be like twice a year New Years and Fourth .Hope
    they don’t start someones house on fire.

  3. There’s a parish-wide burn ban, conditions are dangerously dry, why, even a spark can start a grass fire. I know! let’s shoot off fireworks over people’s houses. Good idea!

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