Sen. Kennedy endorses Gabe Firment for District 22

Senator John Kennedy has endorsed Gabe Firment for State Representative – District 22

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5 thoughts on “Sen. Kennedy endorses Gabe Firment for District 22

    • Yeah, no point in thinking for yourself.

      Keep in mind no matter how he spins it, when Jindal was bankrupting the state Kennedy was signing the checks. Don’t let he old folksy style fool you Kennedy is for Kennedy, a leopard doesn’t change its spots

  1. If Senator Kennedy endorses anybody, you can be sure that person’s without any moral compass, just like Kennedy himself.

    Trump could brag that he is literally a cannibal and Kennedy would immediately go on CNN to say that he too is a cannibal.

    If Trump eats human flesh, what’s so bad about it, right John Kennedy?

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