Foster Mom: TWINS

By Melanie Wilson

In the foster care system you just never know. You never know when a phone call will come. You never know the kids that will need your help, the situation they come from, or how long you will get to love on them.

I recently got a phone call and the worker explained there was a sibling set of 6. SIX! I immediately thought this woman is CRAZY. There was no way I could handle six kids. My car wouldn’t hold six kids. I took a deep breath in and was ready to say no, there was no way I could help with six kids. She immediately said her call wasn’t for all six.

She explained that the foster home these children were in before, because this was their second time in the system, couldn’t take them because they were already full with other children. The four older siblings went to a home that had kept two of them before. They were looking for a home for 1-year-old TWIN BOYS.


It took me a second but of course I said yes.

The case worker brought these two beautiful active twin boys just a few hours later and like always I was in love at first sight.

I had a fear that I couldn’t tell them apart and they would be the wrong one for the rest of their lives. Thank goodness they aren’t identical and they are so different there’s no switching them up except when I’m trying to get their names out and they get called the other two kids’ names and each others’ names until I get the right one out. That is normal right?

The older twin is thin and has a grown up face. His tongue sticks out when he is trying something or concentrating. He is way more independent. He is also the ladies’ man. He wants everyone’s attention at one time.

The younger twin is baby faced and chunky. He is the baby for sure and needs lots more hugs and kisses. He wants one person to pay attention to him and he’s not into crowds.

Twins are interesting. They go from being each others’ best friend to their WWE match up for the night. They have their own language and I’m sure they are talking about me wondering what I am thinking most days or plotting against me.

Something that is different this time around is the looks and comments we get. These babies actually look like they could be mine. We have the same hair color and ethnicity. Most comments so far are just “are they twins” or “what blessings, two of them.”

One thing for sure is all kids deserve the world. No child asks to be here but they are here. I know it’s going to be hard with twins because there are two of them and only one of me but they deserve someone who is going to fight for them.

DID YOU KNOW? The last three years the state of Louisiana has set a record number of adoptions. In 2018, 912 children were adopted by 631 families. Let’s keep those numbers going up because foster kids are our kids as First Lady Donna Edwards says all the time and they deserve amazing forever homes!

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