Brookhill Ranch Summer Camp

By Reba Phelps

The Pierson and Malletts Children’s Park on East 5th Street was the steamy backdrop for the Natchitoches visit from the Brookhill Ranch Summer Camp. More than 75 children and various parents gathered to have an impromptu “thank you visit – bible study” from the very popular summer camp.

Camp officials brought a trailer full of fun activities for the area children, music and the makings for their famous lemonade stand.

Brookhill Ranch is a Christian Summer Camp that was established in Hot Springs, Arkansas in 1964. The purpose of the camp is for children to experience unconditional love and realizing their own fundamental worth.

For decades youth from the Natchitoches area have been attending and now some of those very children who attended are now sending their own descendants. The traveling team consisted of the Camp’s CEO; David Pate and his son, Eli. Camp Director; Jason Ross and Kendall Greer. A local volunteer team headed up by Camp Alumnae Cade McConathy and Jared Kilpatrick also assisted with logistics.

When asked what would you want Natchitoches to know about Brookhill Ranch Summer Camp, CEO David Pate replied, “We want to have fun the right way, we are all about having fun and experiencing the love Jesus at the same time.”

“We want to be home away from home for the children that visit our camp,” said Pate.

After hours of fun and music the Brookhill team loaded up and enjoyed their overnight stay in Downtown Natchitoches. For more information about Brookhill Ranch Summer Camp you can visit their website