NPJ Teacher Feature: Kelsie Korn

By Holly Penta

Kelsie Korn, a 4th grade math and science teacher at Natchitoches Magnet, hopes for a better future by inspiring students to learn everyday. While in her high school calculus class, she decided to pursue teaching because of her love of math and now she says that getting to do math and teach it is still exciting for her.

To be a good teacher, Kelsie says a person must have the passion and drive to teach and reach students. “Without that drive, the teacher will not enjoy it and it will be a lose, lose situation for both the teacher and the students,” she said.

Kelsie clearly has this passion and drive. For the past five years, since she began teaching, she’s shown up to work early, leaves late, and brings home work on weekends and weekdays. Although she admits that this does take a toll, she absolutely loves teaching and working with students each day.

Kelsie is clearly dedicated to her students and goes out of her way to make sure each one has a chance to learn. She strives to make sure that all students are given the opportunity to obtain the best education possible, no matter their circumstance by teaching the material in multiple ways, knowing that students learn differently. When students finally get their “ah-ha moments,” she says that seeing their joy is awesome. Once they have mastered the material, she loves watching them get excited about wanting to do more. Korn goes beyond what is required to help her students, and the students are lucky to have her.

4 thoughts on “NPJ Teacher Feature: Kelsie Korn

  1. Kelsie Korn is a force of nature when it comes to classroom management. I have always been extremely impressed with her ability to work with children in a structured, positive, high-expectations environment and manage to make it fun at the same time. Kelsie is FANTASTIC!

  2. Ms. Kelsie Korn was one of my teachers. She taught me when she taught 3rd grade and she was the best teacher that I have ever known and loved. And every time we see each other I give her a big hug and tell I wish I was in her class

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