Girls in Aviation Day and Ladies Love Taildraggers at the Natchitoches Airport

Kevin Shannahan

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Saturday, October 5 marked the fifth “Girls in Aviation Day” sponsored by Women in Aviation, International. It was also the day of a fly-in of the Ladies Love Taildraggers, a group of women who own/fly taildragger aircraft (a taildragger is an airplane with a rear wheel, also known as a conventional gear in the rear of the aircraft.) The 40 women flew into the Natchitoches Airport Friday in 20 taildragger aircraft (and with their signature high heels in front of the parked airplanes.) They spent Friday evening touring Natchitoches and seeing the sights.

On Saturday, they were joined by the Louisiana Tech chapter of Women in Aviation International who flew down in 2 LA Tech aircraft for Girls in Aviation Day. Several of the visiting pilots told the stories of how they became interested in aviation. One of the pilots is in her fifties and now makes her living on the airshow circuit. She took her first flying lesson at 32. Others are current or former military officers. Some are airline captains. One pilot was a smokejumper for the Bureau of Land Management who had 272 parachute jumps, 107 of which were into forest fires. She now flies a lead aircraft that directs larger planes that dump retardant onto forest fires. There was also a veterinary surgeon, salesforce manager and engineer. They are an eclectic and accomplished group of women with one thing in common-a love of flying.

The Natchitoches Parish Journal hopes you enjoyed your stay at our city. You are more than welcome to come back any time you wish!

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  1. Kevin great interviews, I met the girls, walking with a tour guide past the Methodist Church on 2nd street.

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