Grammar Police patrol Natchitoches Central hallways

Teachers in the English department at NCHS dressed up as the “Grammar Police” to take part in this week’s Homecoming activities.

“We wanted to show the students that we are all on the same team, and we know how to have fun,” Kelli Roberts said. “It shows the students that we support them when we get involved with what they’re doing.”

The students enjoy seeing their teachers participating in the week’s activities.

“Kids I don’t know stopped me in the hallway and said they thought our outfits were funny,” Jessica Avelis-Fontenot said. “It really set the tone for a Monday morning to start off this whole week.”

The students got into the spirit of the teachers’ outfits.

“When I walked into the room, one of the kids said, ‘I surrender! Don’t write me a ticket!” Roberts quipped.

Homecoming activities are all about Chief Spirit and coming together to unite in an effort to support both the football team and the school as a whole.

“I wanted us all to do something so that the kids can see that the English department works together because we’re more than just colleagues; we’re also friends,” Barbara Nelson added.

The English department wishes the best to the football team and says, “Go, Chiefs!”