Letter to the Public

Most citizens in Natchitoches Parish are aware of the condition of the roads in the Parish and desire for the roads to be improved. To solve the road problems funds must be provided to cover the expenses for road repairs and maintenance

One candidate for the parish council, Alan McMurtry, has the financial experience to help guide the council in reaching a sound financial plan to fund road repairs. On several occasions, Alan has worked to provide bond funds for corporations in need of project funding. The council needs a man like Alan to assist in developing a long range, sound financial plan to improve the parish roads.

I urge the citizens of District #3 to vote for Alan to serve as councilman.

Roger H. Williams

6 thoughts on “Letter to the Public

    • Mr. McMurtry is NOT running for a seat on the city council. This race is for District 3, Natchitoches Parish council.

  1. What Ms. Dog still doesn’t get is, ”THAT’S A GOOD THING”! People like Ms. Dog complain about corruption in government then when a good and honorable citizen steps up, uses his own money to stop it, she finds fault. Are you for corruption in Government, Ms. Dog.

    • Lady Blue Dog, and your point is? The parish government has left a lot to be desired in my opinion. They sit, collect their salaries, and do nothing other than fight. Maybe there needed to be a lawsuit. There needs to be a BIG shake-up in that government body. A BIG SHAKE-UP!

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