Alan McMurtry, for Natchitoches Parish Council District #3

My opponent James Kilcoyne is, I’m sure, a fine gentleman. He boasts a record of 18 years managing a logging road crew. While I respect his experience as a road crew supervisor of a two man crew, I believe that those skills are not the skills needed on the Parish Council at this time. I believe those skills are covered by the President and those he or she hires for that purpose.

The council needs a person who is expert in tax matters and finance and administration to include experience to lead an effort to secure, and issue, bond financing sufficient to rebuild all the parish roads to state construction standards.

As I said, with all due respect to my opponent, I am the candidate who has the education, skills and experience to fill the needs desperately needed on the Natchitoches Parish Council.

I also have skills and experience in finding mutually acceptable solutions in an adversarial environment.

For these reasons I am asking for your vote for me, Alan McMurtry, for Natchitoches Parish Council District #3.