The Natchitoches Farmers Market will feature a booth that only comes to the market once a year this Saturday, Oct. 19 from 8 am – 12 pm on the downtown riverbank. Proceeds from this booth will be used to support a nonprofit called Empower Nepali Girls (E. N. G.).

A professor at Northwestern State University, Dr. Patrice Moulton, makes annual trips to Nepal representing ENG to help provide and distribute educational scholarships and to establish opportunities for girls so that they have a childhood and a future. E. N. G. works with families in Nepal to save girls (as young as two) from being sold into human trafficking.

Customers will have a chance on the 19th to support Patrice and her work by purchasing baked goods, lavender products, as well as jams, jellies, and syrups made from Louisiana’s bounty of WILD fruits. There will be mayhaw jelly and muscadine jelly and jam. The booth will even feature syrups made from these wild fruits. One of the featured NEW wild fruit jellies is American Beauty Berry jelly, sometimes called French Mulberry jelly. Deer hunters often see huge patches of this beautiful fall fruit. Deer love Beauty Berries and now so can people!

Featured wild jellies and jams are persimmon, scuppernong, muscadine, mayhaw, blackberry, wild goose plum, and American Beauty Berry. There are jellies and jams and conserves made from domesticated fruit products as well, like pear/pineapple jelly, Triple Berry, blueberry, and Lemony Lavender!

All proceeds from the booth go to support the work of ENG in Nepal. A two year old girl can be “bought” back from human traffickers and returned to her family for as little as $15. $150 pays for that little girl to go to school for a year, and it provides her family with enough rice and beans to feed them for a year. What a difference a purchase of one or two jars of jelly or a cake can make! See you at the ENG booth on Saturday, Oct. 19!