FUMC’s Dunk-R-Trunk – Family Halloween Fun Fills the Food Pantry

Natchitoches’ First United Methodist Church held its annual Halloween Family celebration for the congregation’s families and local community Sunday, October 27. The church gym was filled with over 100 ghosts, goblins, superheroes and costumed children of every description. The children played games and enjoyed candy, snacks and chili hot dogs.

This year’s event featured a dunking booth that was to prove extremely popular. Eventgoers could choose to dunk members of the church staff as well as local politicians and candidates. For one dollar, or a can of food, one could buy three chances to send your favorite politician or church staff member into the water. State Senator Elect Louie Bernard started the action, being sent into the tank of water by his own grandson among others. Natchitoches Mayor Lee Posey was likewise sent to a soggy fate by a number of friends and family members. Parish Presidential candidate Lee Waskom made several trips to the bottom of the tank, getting soaked for a good cause. FUMC Pastor, Rev. Doug DeGraffenried, was to find out that a clerical collar was to prove no defense against strong armed pitchers. Brandi Chasteen set a record of sorts, being dunked by each of her children and her mother. The dunking booth raised several hundred dollars and a cart full of food for the Cane River Food Pantry, a worthy cause that helps our fellow citizens throughout the parish.

Judging by the quality of the pitching on display Sunday, our youth sports teams should be in great shape in the coming years!