Modern Woodmen of America Chapter partner with Boys to Men Club for ‘Make-A-Difference’ Day

Make-A-Difference Day is nationally recognized each year on the 4th Saturday in October. On Saturday, October 26, 2019, the local Modern Woodmen of America chapter partnered with the Boys to Men Club, led by Mr. Jermaine Thomas, to celebrate National Make-A-Difference Day. The two groups gathered at Natchitoches Junior High School and worked together to Make-A-Difference in the community by beautifying the school grounds. Five beautiful Crepe Myrtle trees were planted and mulched along the south-east fence. The existing flagpole flower garden was weeded and tilled. Then the group planted and mulched three flats of jumbo-pansies. Members from each group gathered litter from around the school yard and enjoyed refreshments together. The group enjoyed working together to benefit the community and make the school grounds even more beautiful for years to come.

Photographed planting on the left side are Boys to Men members AJ Scott, Nathaniel Below, Ronald Smith, Jaylen Walter, Tylan Walker, and Jermaine Thomas. On the right side are Modern Woodmen of America Activities Coordinator Mary Squyres, Modern Woodmen members Everett Watson & Susanna Squyres, and guest Michaela Sampite.

The Boys to Men Club is a young men’s service organization that teaches male students life skills outside of the classroom. If you would like to contribute to the club, please contact Club Director Mr. Jermaine Thomas during school hours at (318) 238-0066.

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  1. Every time I see you young gentlemen mentioned in the news, it makes my heart happy. How great is it that other kids see you as role models! Mr. Jermaine Thomas, you are an example of teaching done right.

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