Governor Edwards Visits Natchitoches’ Legacy Cafe

Louisiana Governor John Bell Edwards made a campaign stop Thursday, October 31 in Natchitoches’ Legacy Cafe, his third visit to our city since September. He spoke to a packed house for about 45 minutes on his administration’s accomplishments and his vision for the state’s future. Early voting starts this Saturday, November 2 and continue until November 9. The actual election day is Saturday, November 16.

5 thoughts on “Governor Edwards Visits Natchitoches’ Legacy Cafe

  1. I could tell he was lying because his lips were moving. He’s hurt this state more than Jendal did. He’s set us back about 40 years in 4 years with his taxes and government giving. ;He’s noting but a socialist and that all he wants for Louisiana. Pitiful.

    • Randy Stelly did not write this post! I always use my last name! I don’t throw rocks and hide my hands!

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