Motion to Change Venue on the Hanna Barker case

Hanna Barker (Baby Burning Case)

The State and Defense agreed on November  7, 2019  to grant a motion filed to change the venue for the Hannah Barker case to another parish. Barker’s counsel argued that extensive pre-trial publicity precluded finding an unbiased jury pool.

The final decision was that the jury will come from another parish but the trial itself will be held in Natchitoches.

Parties will return on November 25, 2019 for remaining motions and to present research on comparable parishes to obtain the jury.

9 thoughts on “Motion to Change Venue on the Hanna Barker case

  1. There’s no difference in what this woman did to her child than the deaths performed in abortion clinics in this country!

  2. This is one of the most hateful evil disgusting things ive ever heard of a mom doing and i cant understand it to literally torture that beautiful baby by fire for really no reason other than sex and drugs aparently makes me so sick but i know the other girls in prison will not be easy on her in there and i hope she does suffer if i was her i would want to die after what shes done how can either one of them live with themselves

  3. I look at the photo of this woman, and look at her eyes. To me those eyes show what long use of drugs can do to a person. She has no true feelings left in her, no love, not even for her innocent baby. I wish women on drugs could be sterilized, because the babies they give birth to suffer, whether it be burning to death like this baby, or going through life with problems. I know families who have young people who were born to drug addicted women, and they can’t seem to succeed at much, because they had drugs in their systems from the beginning of life. My heart breaks for these young people.

    I see dead eyes, void of any feeling, no regret, nothing there. When she faces death, I wonder if those eyes will change. I wonder if she will have any feeling at that point. I can’t help but hope that her eyes show fear, the same fear that surely was in the eyes of her precious baby as he felt the pain of burning to death.

    • I doubt even upon death she or her eyes will show anything because even though i know god forgives to my opinion once a person does something that horriffic to her own child truly there has to be no coming back your soul would have to be dead to live with something like that in your mind forever

    • Even on drugs how can you be so evil that made absolutley no sense at all to burn that beautiful baby espeshially when there was a father and other family that im sure wanted him and loved him .eye for an eye here wont do justice

  4. I’m pretty sure any jury will be biased when they find out that she murdered a baby by burning it alive. Hope she gets what she deserves in prison! This is one of those cases when I wish we still lived in medieval times!

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