Meet Ivan Smith’s newest Salesman: Darius Burton

Everyone loves Darius Burton, according to his new boss, Dane Terrell, Store Manager at Ivan Smith Furniture in Natchitoches.

Two weeks into selling furniture and it doesn’t take long to realize why. Darius is easy going and driven. “I want every customer to leave satisfied,” he said.

Darius is a Natchitoches native who graduated from Natchitoches Central High School in 2010. He went on to play basketball at ETBU for two years before returning home in 2012. He’s been an assistant coach for the Natchitoches Central basketball team since his return. In his free time he skill trains junior high kids on a weekly basis.

Previously, Darius worked with the railroad, but he was furloughed when business slowed down. He heard Ivan Smith was looking for someone and immediately went to apply.

“I’m ambitious and I get along with everyone,” he said. “My parents and I have been coming to get all our furniture from Ivan Smith over the years so it seemed like the perfect job.”

He wants all his customers to love the furniture they go home with. Things are going well and Darius is already selling. His favorite items are sofas and recliners, which are easier to sell because they’re so comfortable.

Of course it always helps when there’s a sale for customers to take advantage of. Darius sold several items during the store’s Veterans Day Sale and is now looking forward to the Black Friday Sale, which will take place Nov. 22-23. This is a “more you buy, the more you save” event where customers can save up to $1,000.

Darius comes from a huge family. His grandmother had 20 kids. He’s used to being around a lot of people and is looking forward to his Ivan Smith family growing as he takes on new customers. It’s all about forming relationships and gaining their trust so they feel comfortable enough to bring him repeat business.

“It’s nice to have a local salesman that you can still see on the court helping the Chiefs,” said Dane. “He’s new but he’s quick and I’ve never had a new employee that’s come more highly recommended. Everyone knows him and everyone loves him.”

Keep Darius in mind for your future furniture needs or mention his name if you know someone that’s in the market. You can sign up with Darius through Ivan Smith’s Mobile Rewards Program by texting “114IVAN” to 40213. Stay up-to-date on sales events and receive special VIP customer coupons.

Mobile Reward subscribers are entered into monthly drawings for $200 gift cards. Every sign up also gets a coupon for 10% off the purchase of an accessory item (no expiration date).

Subscribers also receive exclusive offers:

Cash and Christmas Sales
Notifications on Company-wide Savings
Natchitoches Store Specials like Annual Warehouse Sales
Invitations to VIP Events

But don’t worry, it’s free to sign up and you can opt out at any time. Ivan Smith will never send more than two texts to your phone each month.

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