Re-Elected: Governor John Bel Edwards

My love for this state deepens with every day I have the honor of serving as your governor because every day I get to meet more Louisianans who remind me how blessed we are to call this great state home. The goodness, decency and generosity of the people of Louisiana inspire me. If this campaign has taught us anything, it’s that the partisan forces in Washington, DC are not strong enough to break through the bonds we share as Louisianans.

Donna and I are incredibly humbled by the trust you’ve placed in us. Now let’s get back to work, together.

17 thoughts on “Re-Elected: Governor John Bel Edwards

  1. Many people are alive today because of Edward’ s expansion of Medicaid. We balanced our state budget and so have a higher rating for our state bonds with Moody’s and other financial institutions. If Louisiana is really last, we are still a lot better off than we were four years ago.

    • Medicaid is the most fraud-prone government program in existence, and Louisiana is doing more than its share to contribute to the problem. Keep drinking the kool-aid, and keep paying the high insurance. SMH

  2. How can so many be happy living in a state last in almost every thing? And you continue to vote for the same people that has already fail?

  3. People seem to forget that the entire 8 years that Jindal was governor, Obama was President. It trickled down from the Federal level and we were in a major recession. Jindal had nothing to do with the economy being so bad and the state being in such a crisis. He was a smart man, and he did the best he could with what he was given. I hate that he always gets a bad rap for Obama. At least now we have a good President in the White House, the economy is good. What’s Edwards excuse for Louisiana being last in the nation in everything under the sun? There is none.

  4. To be fair, we had a choice between Edwards and mini-Trump. Abraham was the governor we needed, but Rispone’s barrage of idiotic ads was enough to sway that vote. Rispone wouldn’t have been any better for us than Edwards. I think a lot of people went the the “Devil you know” approach to this election.

  5. So glad he was reelected because we have e committed to investing in education and healthcare. Not sure who yall think ruined this state but we have not had many Democratic governors so… remember under Jindal is when things got scary for the budget.

  6. Love for Louisiana?? You are kidding right?! No oilfield workers left, no jobs, high taxes, high insurance rates. Another greedy attorney running the state. Sad day for Louisiana.

    • well said .Edwards has done nothing,were losing jobs,infrastructure is horrible
      and my auto insurance is sky high.

  7. I’m disappointed…but also very, very sad. The good but misguided people of Louisiana continue to vote against their own best interests. They will continue to pay the highest auto insurance rates, their children will lag the rest of the nation in the public schools, and the good jobs will continue to go elsewhere. Trial lawyers and politicians will grow fat, while the citizens subsist off the crumbs. What are you waiting for, Louisiana?

      • 28 per cent of Louisiana children live in poverty. 45 per cent of Louisiana single parent households live in poverty. 20 per cent of Louisiana adults do not even have a high school diploma. And there is much more…but they keep voting democrat The ghost of Huey Long has a stranglehold on thar beautiful state.

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