Payne Subdivision streets improve, but sewer may suffer after ordinance dies

The construction on the first phase of the Payne Subdivision Streets Project was completed with a final cost of $187, 155.46 after the execution two deductive change orders. Due to the cost of the first phase being less than projected, there is a balance of $71,511 that is available for use in an additional contract designated as Phase 1A. The Parish has been closed out and final payment has been issued to the contractor.

The Parish has submitted the plans and specifications for Phase 1A to facility Planning and Control for its review and approval. The scope of the work includes improvements to the East end of Miller Drive and the repair of certain base failures in the subdivision. Facility Planning and Control approved the plans and bids were received on Oct. 11. The low responsive bidder is Regional Construction LLC of Natchitoches in the amount of $83,055.30. The Council approved the contract award to Regional Construction on Oct. 21. Facility Planning and Control has concurred in the award. As soon as the construction contract has been executed, a pre-construction meeting will be held and the Notice to Proceed will be issued.

House Bill 2 (Act 20) of the 2019 legislative session includes an additional $300,000 for the second phase for the Payne Subdivision Streets Project ($500,000 in Priority 1 funds less the $200,000 already expended in Phases 1 and 1A). The Parish match amount is $100,000. The Act also includes $600,000 in additional funds in direct General Funds (non-reoccurring funds). The Parish match is $256,395. The Parish Engineer is preparing the plans for this phase of the project for construction in the first half of 2020.

Not all the news for Payne Subdivision was good. An ordinance to approve the acceptance of a donation of the Payne sewer system from Total Environmental Systems Inc. to the Parish of Natchitoches died for lack of a second. The Parish had a $756,300 grant to cover the costs associated with the design and construction of a new terminal lift station and treatment plant.

Other agenda items failed to garner Council approval:

An ordinance to remove part of the Little River Road from the Parish road system died for lack of a motion.

A resolution to transfer the title of the Breda Head Start Center to Save the Children failed because Councilmen Chris Paige and Russell Rachal abstained from voting and Doug de Graffenried was absent from the meeting. Another resolution to approve a Cooperative Endeavor Agreement between the Parish and Save the Children to lease property to Save the Children to be used in its Head Start Program failed for the same reason.

Other agenda items included:

Resolution to change the agent of record to Moreman, Moore & Co., Inc. for the Parish’s Workers Compensation, Auto, Inland Marine, Cyber Security, Property, and Public Officials Liability Insurances

An ordinance to amend the Natchitoches Parish Personnel Manual was tabled until the next Council meeting

Approve appointment of Katrina O’Con to replace Meryland Robinson on the Planning Commission

Introduce ordinance adopting and enacting a new code for the Natchitoches Parish Code of Ordinances

Introduce ordinance to remove .59 miles of the Mink-Hutton Road from the Natchitoches Parish Road System

Introduce ordinance for budget amendments for Highway, Government Buildings, Health Unit, Sales Tax, General Fund, Library, Solid Waste, and Head Start funds

Approve ordinance for the adoption of a budget for the fiscal year beginning January 1, 2020 and ending December 31, 2020

Award insurance for all Parish insurances

Re-appoint Thomas Roque to the Library Board

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  1. I see the city council is having to go back and do the construction in Payne subdivision again after the base failed and the contract was awarded to Regional construction again. Regional construction if I’m not mistaken reworked these roads not long ago, and now the city is going to pay them to do the same thing again. When are the citizens going to dig into the projects these people are doing for the city. I went down to the mayor’s office a few years back and did a little digging and caught the administration and the contractor in some dirty dealings. I should have blown the whistle then and had the books and contractor audited however I didn’t. I could kick my self in the butt for not going through with it. Go down and get a copy of the scope of work and the all the job scope going along with that project to find out just where the money is going.

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