City Council approves demolition of apartments on Second Street

The City Council meeting Monday night, Nov. 25, seemingly turned into a courtroom proceeding. It all revolved around an ordinance to declare the apartments located at 312 Second Street to be dilapidated, dangerous and unsafe and ordering their demolition and removal.

The Council voted to approve this ordinance with the exception of Council member Sylvia Morrow who thought the renovation of the apartments into low income housing would be beneficial to the City.

The rest of the Council members were dubious as to the length of time this process has been sitting before them with no work being done on the property to reassure them.

“It’s been dormant two-and-a-half years,” said Council member Dale Nielsen. “I don’t have anymore faith or trust that the project will move forward any faster than it has before.”

Council member Eddie Harrington said they’ve given the project so much time and asked, “At what point is enough, enough?”

In other news, an ordinance was tabled which would amend and readopt a section of the Code of Ordinances “Stopping standing and parking of motor vehicles and traffic year round in the Historic District if the bus, RV or other large vehicle takes up more than two parking spots. Mayor Lee Posey said they’ll rework the ordinance and bring it back up for reintroduction at a future meeting.

“We might have been too aggressive with this,” he said.

Other agenda items included:


Execute A Second Lease Amendment To Water Tower Option And Lease Agreement With New Cingular Wireless CS, To Allow The Installation Of LTE Antennas, Associated Cables And Other Communications Instruments.


Enter Into A Contract With Midwest Employers Casualty Company For The Workers’ Compensation Excess Coverage Policy For The City Of Natchitoches.

Execute Change Order No. One To The Agreement Between The City Of Natchitoches And Delta Specialty Contractors, LLC To Install A New Perimeter Fence And Repair Existing Fence At The Natchitoches Regional Airport LA- DOTD Project Nos. H.014056 (Bid No. 0619)

The next scheduled City Council meeting will be December 9, 2019.

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