Local stylists shave heads in show of solidarity against cancer

Cancer is defined as an uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the body. Anyone who has dealt with cancer can agree that “uncontrolled” is exactly how it makes you feel. It throws your whole life for a loop, whether you’re battling it, or have a love one that is.

In a show of solidarity against this uncontrollable enemy, All Tangled Up’s Owner Tracee LeBlanc, Stylist Ramona Pizzolato, and Ramona’s daughter Tiffany all shaved their hair off.

“Yesterday was such an emotional day for me,” said Ramona. “Fourteen years ago I beat cancer, never realizing how much it affected my kids. By the grace of God I am here to fight again. I want to thank everyone personally for being there for me. I love each and everyone of you. In your darkest hour, God will carry you. Be kind to everyone you meet. We never know what kind of cross they have to bear in life.”

December 6 is Ramona’s last treatment. “We stand united with Ramona and we’re ready to support our family member as she kicks Cancer’s butt,” said Tracee.

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