Leadership Natchitoches Class of 2020 Application Deadline extended to December 15

While we were pleased to have received several excellent applications, we are not quite at the number of applications we had hoped to receive. Therefore, we have extended the deadline another two weeks. If you considered applying, but time did not allow you to fill out the application or if you want to make a difference in Natchitoches, we hope you will use this extension to apply this important program.

Leadership Natchitoches is an immersive learning program for proven leaders in our community that will engage and activate these individuals to effect change in Natchitoches Parish. This diverse group of professionals will become one class and one voice through the course of the eight-month program, which will focus on these key areas:

Education • Workforce Development • Cultural Diversity • Historical Relevance • Tourism • Government & Governance • Healthcare • Poverty • Economic Development • Business & Industry • Art & Culture • Criminal Justice System • Law Enforcement • Infrastructure • Natural Resources

Leadership Natchitoches will give graduates first-hand knowledge of the issues facing our region and the potential for a positive community impact through volunteerism and civic engagement. The eight-month program will begin with a two-day kick-off retreat followed by six one-and-a-half day sessions that include an evening team-building social and a full-day of experiential learning. Leadership Natchitoches will conclude with a two-day closing retreat and graduation ceremony.

Tuition for Leadership Natchitoches is $600. Limited scholarship funds are available upon request.

Program Dates

February 13-14: Opening Class Retreat
March 12-13: Natchitoches History, Culture, and Tourism
April 23-24: Natural Resources
May 14-15: Business and Industry
June 25-26: Education and Workforce
July 16-17: Healthcare and Public Safety
August 20-21: Local Government
September 17-18: Closing Retreat


Nominees are accepted from public and private agencies, corporations, civic and other organizations, and individual nominators. Applicants are accepted on the basis of demonstrated leadership ability through career or community achievements, concern for the future of the Natchitoches Area and commitment to the program. Applications will be solicited from October 1 – November 30. Then, a selection committee of Community and Chamber leaders will recommend 12 to 15 candidates, based on a diverse cross-section of the community in terms of occupation, gender, race, age and affiliations.


Leadership Natchitoches begins with a two-day opening retreat in February. From March to August, the class devotes one Thursday evening and one full Friday per month to hear presentations from subject matter experts and participate in discussions, field trips and practical exercises pertinent to six key community issues: history, culture & tourism, natural resources, business & industry, education & workforce, healthcare & public safety, and government & governance. Leadership Natchitoches will conclude with a two-day closing retreat held in September.

Participants must agree and adhere to Leadership Natchitoches Policies and Procedures in order to apply to and graduate from the program and be recognized at the Annual Chamber Awards Banquet. The two-day February kick-off retreat and two-day September closing retreat are mandatory. No more than one absence is allowed from March-August for the six one-and-a-half day general sessions.


The curriculum for the Natchitoches Area Leadership Institute is designed to use a variety of resources and learning techniques. The topics are chosen based on key components inherent in the daily lives of the people of the Natchitoches area. To learn more about Leadership Natchitoches Curriculum, click “The Sessions” below.