Lighted Boat parade coming back to Cane River

The Natchitoches Rotary Club presents the Lighted Boat Parade 2019, an event that is part of the Natchitoches Christmas Festival season. It will be held on December 14 at 5:30 p.m.

The Natchitoches Rotary Club will sponsor the Lighted Boat Parade on Saturday, December 14, at 5:30. The parade will begin at the north end of the Riverbank adjacent to the Roque House. Boats will check in at Beau Jardin on the riverbank beginning at 4 p.m. until 5:15 p.m. The parade will precede south under the Church Street Bridge to the end of the downtown riverbank and adjacent to the Santa House and Restrooms. It will turn north and precede back to Beau Jardin to complete the run. Three trips will be made following the same pattern. The Natchitoches Christmas Belles will serve as official judges for the boat parade.

Cost to participate: $10 per boat. Registration can be completed online at: or the entry can pay with check at registration. Boats entered will receive priority parking for the fireworks.

Requirements: each boat must be lighted and remain lighted for the duration of the parade.

Recognition: awards will be presented for 1st place-$100, 2nd place-$75, and 3rd place-$50.

About the Natchitoches Rotary Club: this event is used as a fundraiser to support local Rotary projects. Two include: (1) the Rotary Club Dictionary Project where every 4th grade student in Natchitoches Parish Schools receives a personalized dictionary/resource book which includes many items such as information about U.S. Presidents, the Constitution, any many other items. A second project is the Scholarship Essay Competition where students at area high schools write an essay and submit it for possible scholarships to address college expenses.

Cancellation: if predicted weather becomes an issue, the parade will be canceled by noon Saturday, December 14.