School Board Members Support One of their Own

Prior to the Dec. 3 Natchitoches Parish School Board Committee Meeting, board members presented Katrina Willis with dolls and a monetary donation in support of her, “Uniquely U”, 4th Annual Doll Drive.

Every year District 5 School Board Member, Willis, collects dolls and distributes them to local children. This year’s event is being held Dec. 14 from 5:30-7:30 pm at 137 Caspari Street.

“My heart is to make sure that each and every little girl knows just beautiful, special and unique she is. Confidence, self love and positive self image can make a monumental impact on their lives and I want to make sure that every one of them has these qualities instilled in them at a young age,” said Willis. “ By doing so we can prevent most issues caused by low self esteem and feelings of inadequacy”.

Willis believes that, “We are all different but equally beautiful. We need to embrace and recognize our differences and similarities.”

So far every year the event grows and more girls are able to receive dolls.

For more information about the event or if you would like to donate please call 318-581-2556.