LA DOTD Held a Public Meeting Concerning the Church Street Bridge Replacement

The Louisiana Dept of Transportation and Development (LADOTD) held the last of a series of local meetings that began in 2017 Tuesday, December 10 at the Natchitoches Events Center. The meeting was a public hearing at which the department presented proposed alternatives to replacing the Church Street Bridge, originally built in 1936. Alternative 1, the preferred alternative, features a skewed alignment so that the bridge ties directly into St. Clair Ave as opposed to the present offset intersection. This alternative also features a temporary bridge that would go from Williams Ave to Touline St., which would then become a one way street. Alternative 3 would be the same, but with no temporary bridge being built, necessitating traffic detours during the construction project. Should alternative 1 be chosen, the temporary bridge would be removed upon the project’s completion.

A group of over 30 citizens and elected officials studied the proposals and had an opportunity to speak with DOTD engineers, project managers and contractors. The bridge project is currently undergoing a National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) review as required by federal law. This review looks at every aspect of the projects impact and allows for public input into the decision making. Persons with comments or concerns about the proposed replacement for the Church Street Bridge may mail them to Louisiana Department of Transportation, Environmental Engineer Administrator, Section 28, P.O. Box 94245, Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9245.

10 thoughts on “LA DOTD Held a Public Meeting Concerning the Church Street Bridge Replacement

  1. Why not put a bridge north of town and finish the bypass around town. That would be the smart thing to do. Down town is to contested any way. Not to mention the drivers in town seems to think it’s ok to block the intersection by setting in the middle of the intersection so none of the lanes can more.

  2. I just think the turning lane is a bad idea. People still can’t use the few here now! Keyser it’s just a third lane
    lane for both directions.

  3. I personally don’t think the bridge at an angle will be the best possible answer for Natchitoches. First of all, people coming from the north on Williams and trying to turn right onto the bridge are going to have a difficult time doing so. There are enough accidents when the right and left turns are at right angles. Or those on Front Street traveling from the south. If we start putting these unusual turns in front of people who already should not be driving, we are going to have more wrecks and traffic jams than any of us want. Why not make it a bridge that stays where it belongs, at Church Street, and widen it another lane to take care of the dang traffic jams that we see several times a day. Come on, mayor, you are always wanting to build for the future, why not go for something we really need. Maybe they can name it after you.

  4. According to the DOTD consultants this preferred alignment (angled) is a done deal. They were not really interested in preserving the historic look of Church Street and the view down the bridge to the other side of Cane River. Everyone is focused on the east end intersection to the exclusion of any other consideration that will not destroy that view. When it’s done people will be surprised but it will be too late. Enjoy.

    • What about the view will be ruined? The view of the bridge? The view of the river from the bridge? The over all view of the bridge as a part of the downtown riverbank? The view of the Luster’s house? Will it just be different than it has been or will something about the new angle be lacking? I get the history angle and jave considered that. Just checking that my foresight concerning the bridge doesn’t include an oversight I’ll regret supporting.

    • True. The concerns of the 20+ home owners at the corner of Church St and Front St have been largely ignored IMO.

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