Cane River NHA to Host Las Posadas: An Adaesenos Celebration at Los Adaes State Historic Site

Cane River National Heritage Area, Inc. (CRNHA), will host “Las Posadas an Adaesenos Celebration” on Saturday, Dec. 14 beginning at 10 am at Los Adaes State Historic Site.

Holiday gatherings tend to occur around family, food, and traditions! “The winter was a time of hardship for many in the colonial era, and religious festivals and services were a way to bring light and cheer to families,” Michael Mumaugh CRNHA Heritage Ranger explains. “Spanish colonial rule worked to meld native beliefs and festivals into Christian observances to ease assimilation.” Thus the 19-day Aztec winter solstice festival became known as Las Posadas and adapted its specific style in various areas of New Spain.

The celebration’s schedule:

10:00 am – Guided Ranger Tour of the Mission
10:30 am to 2:30 pm – Children’s Crafts
10:30 am – Pinata Activity
11:00 am to 1:00 pm – Community Lunch
11:00 am – “Legacies of Spanish Texas”
12:00 pm – “Sharing our Stories”
1:30 pm – Pinata Activity
2:30 – Guided Ranger Tour of Presidio

Visitors are invited to celebrate and discover the Christmas traditions of Los Adaes. Admission is free, and the event is scheduled to take place from 10 AM-3 PM. Los Adaes State Historic Site is located just off Highway 6 near Robeline at 6354 Highway 485.

Cane River National Heritage Area, Inc. manages the daily operations and visitor services of the Los Adaes State Historic Site in partnership with the Louisiana Office of State Parks. The 14-acre site located on the “El Camino Real” near Natchitoches features the remains of a Spanish fort built in the 1700s to protect Texas from the French. It is a National Historic Landmark in recognition of its archaeological and historic significance.