Parish Council meeting has no quorum with three members absent

There was no Parish Council meeting Monday evening, Dec. 16, as there was no quorum. Only Council members Pasty Hoover and Chris Paige were in attendance and Paige chastised his colleagues who couldn’t bother to show up (Doug de Graffenried, Russell Rachal and Rodney Bedgood). These three are outgoing Council members. Newly elected Parish President John Richmond said he is optimistic about the future and the new members coming onto the Council. The next meeting will be held on January 13. All agenda items will be pushed off onto this first Council meeting in 2020 for the new administration to take care of.

6 thoughts on “Parish Council meeting has no quorum with three members absent

  1. It’s cute how those on the “City Council” think they have some big important job. It’s the city council of Natchitoches! The place where dreams, roads, and old people come to die.

    • Do you not know the difference between the PARISH Council and the CITY Council? They are two separate and distinct public entities. This was a Parish Council meeting that Rachal, de Graffenried and Bedgood did not attend.

  2. Paige just needs to shut up and sit down, he is the last stooge that needs to chastise anyone! He’s caused more conflict then anyone. A wasted chair!

    • At least he was there and I know Chris Paige he is a good person and the problem with the world today is people are so negative and tear people down instead of building them up. No different than a bully. Why wouldn’t you put your name if you mean what you posted or mean what u say? Its time people stop being so divided and in competition with others and try helping one another and maybe we as a society can change some things for the better in our parish.

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