A Darlin’ Little Girl is on Their Horizon

By Joe Darby

Well, the pet situation is looking up for us. You may recall that we had to have our sweet old Katie put down several weeks ago because she had a cancer that would have made her remaining days miserable.

Katie’s resting place makes five pet graves in our backyard. That’s a lot for someone who has only lived here for 13 years. As you animal lovers know, you just get so doggoned (pun intended) attached to these little critters that it’s really quite hard to lose them. Particularly when you have to order their death by euthanasia, even though you are saving them an untold amount of pain and discomfort.

So after Katie’s loss, we bounced around the idea of getting another dog, not really knowing what to do. Did we want to take a chance on having to go through this all over again? Or should we just admit that our time for having a pet is over?

We were just leaning toward a decision that we should, in fact, adopt again when our decision was made easy for us — by meeting just about the sweetest little pooch you could want to imagine.

Our adoption is not official yet, so I won’t name the doggie or the group that is taking care of her now. Though you would probably have a good guess as to who the organization is.

But it’s our understanding that we will take custody of the pooch after the holidays and that she will be ours.

We enjoyed a visit from her a few days ago. She was brought to our house by her foster mom and when I opened the front door, responding to the door bell, she came running inside, spotted Mary and ran directly up to her, jumping about and putting her paws up on Mary’s legs.

That was a good start, indeed. She did tend to ignore me at first but once she got finished sniffing our premises, she came over to where I was, sitting on the couch, and let me know that she could love me too. Nose kisses were freely dispensed.

She made us all laugh when she spotted a small realistic statue of a Scottie dog that Mary keeps under our coffee table. The little lass eyed the fake dog warily and slowly approached it. We could read her mind: “Hey, what are you? Are you a dog or just a thing?” Well, after she thoroughly smelled the little statue she was satisfied that it was just “a thing.”

Then she was introduced to our fairly large, fenced in backyard, which will be part of her very own domain once we officially adopt her. She ran about, sniffing the smells of our departed dogs, no doubt, and seemed satisfied with the surroundings. Then she heard a neighbor dog barking and she raced toward the fence closest to the neighbor, running and leaping like a gazelle. She’s a darned fast little pooch, with lots of energy, I can tell you that.

So, unless something very unexpected happens, the little bundle of love will be part of our family in a couple of weeks. Stay tuned. I’ll let you know more after she moves in.

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