Foster Mom: Court & Christmas Blessings

By Melanie Wilson

When you sign up to be a foster parent going to court on a regular basis is part of the journey.

Thursday we drove to Shreveport and went to court for the twins and their 4 siblings. We went to court wanting these kids to be together for Christmas and for them to be with their aunt.

I’m so excited to let everyone know that is exactly what happened!

But let me tell you about a day in court…

Court was suppose to be at 9:45am so we got there about 9:15am because I was afraid of being late. We sat in the front of the courthouse and I chased the twins up and down the foyer 100 times.

Unfortunately these kids do not have a CASA volunteer to advocate for them but they are on a waiting list so there is a CASA worker that takes care of all children on the waiting list. This lady came up to us and said she thought we would get what we want but just be prepared for the state’s attorney and the parents’ attorneys to object and take jabs at her but she is tough and can handle it.

I don’t get it…. these children have been in and out of foster care for 19 months so why would anyone object to them going to the aunt’s house for permanency?

That conversation made me a little more nervous but I continued to pray as we sat there waiting.

We went into the courtroom and the judge made everyone introduce themselves and thanked all of the foster parents for what they do and for the village that helps.

The state’s attorney said the kids don’t need to go to the aunt because the state of Texas hasn’t gotten back with their approval process of the aunt. She literally lives just inside the Texas border but it makes it 100x harder.

I thought people would be called up to answer questions because that is what the CASA worker said would happen but there were none. The judge just started making decisions.

The judge said the kids were going with their aunt in her custody that day and we would come back in March. The state’s attorney interrupted him…. AWKWARD! I didn’t know you could interrupt a judge. He didn’t take it well and told her why don’t you wait and see what I have to say. He finished saying in March if all of the Texas paperwork comes back approved she would get guardianship. YAY!!! Some attorneys didn’t agree and put it on the record.

Of course the aunt and I burst into tears because this is what is best for the kids.

The state’s attorney said it would be hard for the aunt to get services like medicaid and WIC in Texas with that ruling. The judge said ok then she has guardianship TODAY! OMG YAY!! If you don’t know that means these children ARE NOT FOSTER CHILDREN anymore!!!!!!

Thursday turned out to be a Christmas blessing and a gift that will change these children’s lives forever!

I am full of God’s joy this Christmas season because 6 kids are no longer in the system and have a loving home to be safe in forever.

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  1. As a previous participant in the Juvenile Justice and foster care systems, this is truly a blessing and Christmas miracle!!
    Hats off to all the good foster parents and family members that step up to become guardians🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

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