Southern Scripts: Expanding Perspectives for 2020

A national change agent in the healthcare industry, Southern Scripts’ extensive expansion and monumental achievements are just the tip of the iceberg for what this company plans to accomplish. Reflecting on their historic growth and ground-breaking achievements, Southern Scripts aims to continue down that same path in the year 2020 by focusing on their perspective. “By broadening our perspective, we can craft ideal solutions that foster growth in all measures,” said Chief Executive Officer LeAnn C. Boyd, PharmD.

A company is only as good as its people, and Southern Scripts continues year after year to attract and retain talent that embodies the company’s mission of being the leading disruptor in the world of pharmacy benefits. “Southern Scripts has experienced a 70% growth in clientele from the previous year, serving self-insured employers in nearly all 50 states. This is a testament of our transparent and differentiated business model,” said Dudley Cedars, Director of Operations for Southern Scripts. “We strive daily to be champions in the field of how pharmacy benefits are delivered and optimized.”

A handful of employees were recognized and honored at their capstone year-end event, held at the Friedman Student Union on the campus of Northwestern State University in front of nearly 300 attendees. Each month, Southern Scripts recognizes an employee that not only goes the extra mile, but also accomplishes remarkable milestones in their role that propels the company to new heights. The Southern Scripts Employees of the Month for 2019 are as follows: David Breazeale, Colleen Whitehead, Joshua Cotten, Leslie Leone, Pam Simmons and Stacie Rivers, Darcy Fiocca, Tracy Maricle, Katrina Mack, Shannon Allen, Ryan Kinler, and Danielle Coutee.

To have an organization with the margin of success Southern Scripts has experienced, a decorated and diverse line of employees is essential. Synergy is a result when the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. An array of awards recognizing employees that have helped shape Southern Scripts into a banner year are as follows: Wilder Spearel (Leadership Award), Alex Stockholm (Innovation Award), Jasmine Doty (Stewardship Award), and Darcy Fiocca (Employee of the Year).

“I look at not only the opportunities for us as a company but also the tremendous potential of our incredible associates,” Spearel said, “I’ve never felt stronger about Southern Scripts, what we are capable of accomplishing, and the bright future that lies ahead.” Stacy Lambert, Vice President of Client Services, stated “The level of service Southern Scripts provides our members, clients, TPA partners, supporting brokers and consultants is beyond first class. This could not be achieved without the hard work from each and every one of our employees.”

Co-founder of Southern Scripts, Steven T. Boyd, PharmD, concluded the evening by reflecting on a record-breaking year, but also urging everyone to remain steadfast on accomplishing the goals that are indicative to future achievements. “Each employee of Southern Scripts should be proud, excited, and optimistic. This country is full of clients needing our 20/20 vision.

”Southern Scripts is a transparent provider of pharmacy benefit management services that guarantee employers absolute freedom, control, and choice to the structure of their health plan. Founded and governed by clinical pharmacists, Southern Scripts is laser-focused on delivering significant savings to their clients through straightforward pricing models and sound clinical management philosophies. Southern Scripts is approved by Pharmacists United for Truth and Transparency, a non-profit advocacy organization founded by independent pharmacists and pharmacy owners devoted to exposing the truth about the anti-competitive tactics of pharmacy benefit managers.

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