What’s New at Ben D. Johnson Educational Center?

Greetings from the Ben D. Johnson Educational Center! We are excited to share some of our 2019 successes with you!

JANUARY: We opened the Legacy Cafe offering a menu with fresh, whole ingredients that are locally sourced when available. So far we have made over 5,960 orders.

APRIL: We started the Legacy Youth Workforce Development Program. The 16-week program offers young people, ages 17-24 years old, leadership and occupational skills training with support to overcome barriers to employment so that they may enter and remain in the workforce.

MAY: With help of The Good Food Project of Alexandria, we started the BDJ Center Garden which has produced 221 pounds of fruits and vegetables.

JUNE: We became licensed by the LA Board of Regents as a proprietary school.

SEPTEMBER: We had our first group of Legacy Youth Workforce Development Program participants graduate and a second group began.

YEAR TO DATE: We have had 20 dedicated volunteers donate more that 200 hours of their time.

Continue The Legacy
We hope you will consider supporting us as we work to transform lives and build community. You can get involved in one or more ways; help us spread the word, eat at the Legacy Cafe, buy a t-shirt, gift card, or bumper sticker, partner with us, volunteer, or donate.

$10 Helps provide food for 1 student for a day
$30 Helps provide 2 students ServSafe Certification training
$60 Helps provide 2 students uniforms
$100 Helps provide training supplies needed for 1 student
$150 Helps provide 1 month of educational software
$600 Helps provide funds for a graduation ceremony
$1,500 Helps provide 1 month of tuition for 1 student

*All donated funds will be used to support the Ben D. Johnson Educational Center*

Ben D. Johnson Educational Center Board of Directors
Claire Prymus, JoAnna Cooper, Jennifer Brossett, Edward Ward, Janice Bolton, Neeru Deep, Brad Haigler, Ron Helaire, Marcus Jones, Lori Wheat