Eddie Harrington-City Council

My name is Eddie Harrington and I am running for a second term as Natchitoches’ District 1 City Councilman. I took office four years ago and have truly enjoyed the work and have been humbled by your support. As a City Councilman I will continue to fulfill the promises I made four years ago. Promises such as; to always be truthful and open; to always be open minded; to follow the rules and ordinances which govern the city; to treat everyone as equals; to always be available via telephone, face to face meetings or via my Facebook page. If you elect me you are electing an individual who will think for himself, consider all options and strive to make the best decisions based on the facts of the situation and the rules/ordinances presented. I believe my voting record clearly reflects that. Thank you all for your continued support throughout these past four years. I humbly request your vote for me on April 4, 2020.

C. Edward “Eddie” Harrington