Foster Mom: Limitations

By Melanie Wilson

I hate to admit I have limitations because I think I can do anything and everything.

If I don’t know how to do something I will YouTube and Google anything… and the guy at Stines in the plumbing section thinks I’m crazy because I can make anything out of pvc pipe.

But I have learned a lot being a mom….

I HAVE limitations. You heard it here first… I HAVE limitations.

Each child has taught me something different.

The first baby taught me what unconditional, full-hearted, overwhelming love is.

The second baby taught me how watching someone crawl, pull up, and walk for the first time is so special and memories I will never forget.

The twins taught me about myself. Let me first start off by saying I love them with my entire heart. I am an infant one baby at a time momma.

Toddler twins are so much fun but they are nonstop AND there are two of them and only one of me. Lesson learned don’t be out numbered by toddlers!

It was hard but I’m thankful and blessed by those two cute little toddlers.

I’m thankful I learned this lesson because I thought I would always say yes if they called me for a placement but now I know that if I know I can’t be helpful to a child they call me about I have to say no and do what is best for that child.

I had to say no the weekend before Christmas. There was a group of siblings – 2 teenagers and 2 toddlers. As hard as it was I knew I had to say no.

I have limitations and I have to listen to them to be able to help the children that come into my life.

I am an infant and a one baby at a time momma and that is ok!