2020 Qualifying – after the first day

The following offices will be up for election during the April 4, 2020 Election and here are those who have qualified as of January 8, 2020:

Mayor – City of Natchitoches

Incumbent Lee Posey- City Mayor

City Council District 1 – Natchitoches

Incumbent Eddie Harrington- City Council Member District 1

City Council District 2 – Natchitoches

Incumbent Dale Nielsen- City Council Member District 2

City Council District 3 – Natchitoches

City Council District 4 – Natchitoches

City Council District At Large – Natchitoches

Incumbent Don Mims- City Council Man at Large

Mayor – Clarence
Chief of Police – Clarence
Aldermen ALL – Clarence

Mayor – Powhatan
Chief of Police – Powhatan
Aldermen ALL – Pwohatan

Democratic State Central Committee Members – ALL
Republican State Central Committee Members – ALL
Democratic Parish Executive Committee Member
Republican Parish Executive Committee Member 

Local and municipal candidates qualify with the clerk of court in the parish in which they are registered to vote.  Qualifying fees must be paid in the form of cash; certified or cashier’s check on a state or national bank or credit union; U.S. postal money order; or money order issued by a state or national bank or credit union and must be accompanied by the qualifying form.

For Qualifying Fee Schedule, please see document attached below:

3 thoughts on “2020 Qualifying – after the first day

  1. I hope there will be multiple candidates for every office. That’s not to say I won’t vote for/support one or more of the incumbents, but it’s important that voters have a choice. It’s better for the process and we have a better, healthier political system when every office has challengers.

    In the recent Parish Government election every district had choices and there were 7 candidates for parish president. We need the same kind of opportunities for the city government.

  2. why in the “heck” do you keep letting Sylvia Morrow run ? And we
    need a new mayor who won’t jam a silly ball park down our throats.

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