CenLA VR Game Truck Rental-a 35 foot Party That Comes to You!

The Natchitoches Area Chamber of Commerce welcomed its newest member at the chamber’s office on Second St. Friday, January 10. CenLA VR Game Truck Rental was welcomed to the Chamber of Commerce and to our community with a traditional ribbon cutting followed by a few hours of complimentary gameplay for area families.

CenLA VR Game Truck Rental is a 35 foot custom made trailer with 6 stations and 70 games to choose from. The trailer can be brought to anywhere in the area and can either be run from your electrical power of from their generator. According to owner Gerard Conklin, the trailer is perfect for birthday parties, family reunions and any occasion with people aged “8 to 88.” The selection of available games contains fun appropriate for every age level and can be tailored to your desires. The Virtual Reality goggles immerse you fully inside the game you are playing.

If the trailer full of happy children (and not a few adults!) is any indication, CenLA VR Game Truck Rental is off to an auspicious start. The Natchitoches Parish Journal extends its best wishes to Mr. Conklin in his new enterprise. CenLA VR Game Truck Rental may be contacted at 318-521-2969.