We All Grow Together: Business expands as employees succeed

People matter more than projects. Relationships matter more than results. Names matter more than numbers. The team at Rhodes Realty understands this now more than ever as they continue to grow and expand. The company went from $23 million in total sales volume its first year to over $81 million in 2019.

“The people are the reason we’re seeing this growth,” said Chief Operations Officer Mario Fox. “My position has really put my feet to the fire to be better every day. It’s taught me how to be a better Mario.”

Owners Justin and James Rhodes have developed a culture around a simple phrase:


This philosophy permeates every aspect of the work they do. From marketing to admin and team leader meetings, Rhodes Realty finds solutions. Their commitment is why clients choose them and why agents come to work for them.

“We put our blood, sweat and tears into giving our agents the tools they need to be the best in the industry. This in turn provides our clients with the best possible experience when they’re building or buying their first home or the next home for their life’s journey,” said Owner Justin Rhodes.

Real estate has transformed into a technology based industry, so staying on the cutting edge as things evolve is vital. It starts with continuously updating the website for better utilization by agents and clients and continues with developing software and creating resources to make the buying/selling process as easy as possible for everyone who comes to sit at the table.

“We want to better our team members and our clients,” said CEO Rodrick McIntosh. “We try to take a lot of the stress away. We have a diverse group of agents that can handle high end real estate, first time home buyers, investors, and so much more. We’re a multi-national multi-cultural group and it all comes together and we have a great time.”

One of the most important things is that Rhodes Realty does everything in house to make the buying/selling process seamless between its offices when clients are moving from one end of the state to another.

But this vision for offering an all-in-one experience means new office locations are needed. Already established in Natchitoches, Shreveport and Ruston, new locations will soon open in Lafayette and Pineville. The Rhodes Realty team itself has grown to 43 agents in the past two years and they’re looking to add 20-30 more by the end of 2020.

“We put a lot of time and energy into opening these new offices because we understand what it means to have a comfortable environment for our clients and agents,” said James. “It also serves as a way to teach our agents how to service new construction clients, which is a huge skill they get to learn through our expansion process.”

For those agents that have taken the leap of faith to join the team, the Rhodes Realty admins enjoy seeing first year agents become #1 agents, have millions in sales, and grow into team leaders and bosses.

“We want to better the business and the people,” said Mario. “What we implement affects our agents, our clients and all of their families.”

Justin and James agree wholeheartedly. “Our growth can be contributed to the culture we’ve created and the commitment we instill,” said Justin. “We’re doubling down for 2020 and we’re excited to see what lies ahead!”

Lafayette Office: 101 Rue Fontaine, Building 3
Pineville Office: 3316 Military Highway
Natchitoches Office: 404 Rapides Drive
Ruston: 2304 Commons Court, Unit 2
Shreveport: 9105 Ellerbee Road