LSMSA mourns loss of student, Andrew Luse

We are saddened by the tragic loss of Andrew Luse, a senior who passed away this morning. We offer our deepest condolences to Andrew’s family, friends, and loved ones. During this time of great loss we are reminded of the importance of community. Losing a fellow student and member of our LSMSA family can be very difficult. I encourage those who feel they may need any additional support to contact the counselors, Erin King 357-2501, or Kim Cain 357-2512,

Over the course of the next several days there will be additional support from the community. We will have different faith leaders and additional counselors from the Natchitoches community serving as support resources for our campus. LSMSA community members will be receiving additional information via email with support contacts and locations. I encourage students as well as faculty and staff to reach out for any help they may need, for either academic or emotional support.

Dr. Steve Horton
Executive Director

4 thoughts on “LSMSA mourns loss of student, Andrew Luse

  1. Heartbreaking loss. May his family and friends find comfort and solace. I urge everyone to visit Andrew’s online obituary and give to the charitable foundation named there.

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