To the City of Natchitoches:

My name is David Kees, Jr. (many of you may know me as “DJ”), and I consider it a privilege to announce my candidacy for Mayor. The decision to run was not made lightly. Now, more than ever, Natchitoches needs a Mayor who can recapture the public’s trust. Your next Mayor should have a servant-leader mentality, clarity of purpose, and the ability to unite rather than to divide.

If elected as your next Mayor, these are some of the things I will strive daily to accomplish:

Renewed faith in the City’s government and its leadership
Renewed faith in the pillars of our community: schools, churches, and families
Renewed faith in our police force and all first responders
Renewed faith in each other as friends and neighbors

As we move forward through this campaign together, I will elaborate on how I intend to accomplish these goals.

We have a lot of work to do. Every community, whether large or small, must overcome enormous challenges. We are no exception. I believe Natchitoches has the strength, resilience, and talent to thrive when facing those challenges.

The reason I believe we can thrive is simple: us. We have some of Louisiana’s greatest people living right here in the City of Natchitoches. Our people are as gracious, welcoming, and loving as anybody you’ll meet in any part of the country.

Natchitoches may be world famous for meat pies, Christmas lights, and Front Street. But those are just things Natchitoches HAS, not what Natchitoches IS. Natchitoches IS its people. When I travel outside of our hometown, I no longer tell people, “I’m proud to be FROM Natchitoches.” I tell them, “I’m proud to BE Natchitoches.”

No matter the outcome on April 4th, my hope is that all of us are forever proud to be Natchitoches.


David “DJ” Kees